Steel Beasts patch 1.19 New Features

Upgrade 1.19

New Features

Adjusted M1A1 fire control system, based on new information. It should now be easier to gun with the M1A1, compared to v1.17.

Improved the "active armor" modeling of the T-80 and T-72. The T-80 armor should now be weaker at times, especially after multiple hits.

Modified joystick response for easier tracking.

Added joystick centering feature. Press Shift+J to make the current joystick position the center.

Improved transfer rate of scenario files for multiplayer games.

An ammunition summary for both red and blue is now displayed at the end of the briefing text.

Infantry will try harder to stay near woods. 

Infantry will now discover mine fields.

Modified more missions to take advantage of new features of v1.17+.

Added new missions.

Added and updated the documents on ammunition. These are in the docs folder.

Player's records are now also written to a plain text format. You can find it in the misc/records folder. The information in the text file is the same as that shown in the Records menu, and in the same order.

Vehicles on rough terrain will now go a little slower.

When testing a mission in the editor, the random variables used for the mission will be displayed at the end of the score.

Computer-controlled units will call arty less aggressively now.

The LOS F1 view now has a bino view (press N) and strafe left/right (press A/D).

Modified ammo and smoke grenade load-outs for various tanks to make more accurate.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that, on rare occasions, caused a round to go through a vehicle.

Corrected the size of the M1A1 GPS reticle, which was slightly incorrect.

Tanks will be more willing to cross shallow water now.

Computer TC will no longer override forever if the target is very close and moving very fast.

Dismounted infantry will no longer try to sit in front of their IFV, when given a route that is behind their IFV.

FISTVs, medics, and arty spotters created in older missions are now selectable in multiplayer games.

The computer TC on the Leopard will no longer have problems overriding if a human gunner has the dynamic lead pressed when the TC overrides.

Various types of impossible damages have been eliminated (e.g., smoke grenade damage on a Humvee.)

Computer gunner's will now re-lase if they had an invalid range (flashing 0s) previously entered.

In multiplayer games, only the highest ranking player on either side can set triggers for his side.



Steel Beasts patch 1.17 New Features

Modified the M1A1 FCS to make it more realistic. Based on the input of several real M1A1 gunners, the M1A1 Fire control system (especially the floating reticle) now more closely matches reality. You will definitely need to practice M1A1 gunnery with this more realistic model.

Increased the size of the GPS/GAS and Bino views.

Ammunition loads can now be customized by the mission designer. In the mission editor, right click on a unit and select "Set Ammunition" from the context-sensitive menu. Then fill in the dialog box.

AFVs with attached infantry (dismounts) will now unload their infantry when placed on a route that has a slow speed, as long as it is not an assault or retreat route. The infantry will run ahead of the vehicles while traveling on the route.

Players can now jump to dismounted infantry positions and have *some* control over their movement. Limitations include:

- No control when infantry are loading or unloading. Infantry will insist on loading when their IFV starts on a (non-slow) route (unless infantry are more than 500m from their IFV).
- Limited control when their IFV is on a slow route. Dismounts will want to stay ahead of their IFV when left alone.

The control for the elevation and azimuth of the .50 cal MG on the M1A1 has been changed to make it more realistic. The elevation is now controlled by the arrow keys by repeated pressing. The azimuth is controlled by either the joystick/mouse, or the arrow keys by repeated pressing. This mimics the real M1A1, which has a separate manual hand crank for elevation and a powered and manual azimuth controls in the commander's weapon station.

Clients and hosts in TCP/IP multiplayer games can now specify a particular port to use (in addition to an IP address). This is most helpful to those players with firewalls who only want to open a single port, instead of the default range of ports that DirectX opens when no port is specified.

Improved infantry AI.

Infantry can now pop smoke (once). They do this automatically when loading into their IFV when under fire.

PCs are a little smarter about how they move to retrieve their dismounted troops.

Improved target-selection for computer controlled tanks.

Targets in tank range will now be destroyed with any main gun hit, and the targets will disappear soon after being hit.

Changed some context-sensitive menus in map screen so that they stay open after clicking on them to make it easier to change multiple settings

Added 200m and 400m ranges as options for maximum ranges to open fire.

Line-of-sight map now works in debriefing.

Improved password protection.

Lasers can now penetrate a few layers of smoke.

Heat rounds and ATGMs can now explode if they hit a tree.

HEAT rounds now have a minimum activation range, before they will explode. This is most notable for ATGMs.

Multiplayer algorithm has been tweaked a bit.

In multiplayer games, if you refuse to let others join your tank in the staging area, nobody will be able to enter the gunner's seat for the entire game. (Unless you give a unit to a player during the game.)

Tanks moving with dust clouds or smoke generators are now spotted easier by the enemy AI.

Added ability to change text color for lines and regions

Added "transparent" color for lines, regions and map text.

Transparent penalty zones will NOT display a warning to the player if he enters that penalty zone.

Event messages are now accompanied with a unique static sound.

Many scenarios have been modified.

For multiplayer chat text: Added text after senders name to indicate which channel (All, Blue, Platoon, etc...) the sender used.

Increased the maximum number of displayed missions in menu screens from 150 to 900.

Adjusted driving mechanics slightly.

Bug Fixes

Event messages now play only for the player's side

The condition "...can see at least (at most) X enemy forces ...." has been modified so that X cannot be less than one.

Enemy vehicles that start as destroyed will be shown as destroyed in the planning phase, assuming that the "enemy info" setting for that vehicle is not set to "none."

Squeaking sound now plays when manually elevating gun with turret damaged.

Hold fire / Fire-at-will hot keys now work with infantry.

Unit icons at the bottom of the screen now correctly display the positions of the different vehicles.

LAWs (RPGs) are no longer guided by a soldier.


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