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Sabot up! Ready to drive a 50 ton tank on the virtual battlefield? Order today, receive it in a few days, and battle for months! 

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T-34 vs. Tiger
This is definitely a game to get excited about. There's a lot to like about T-34 vs. Tiger. It is very enjoyable and achieves solid hits in most of the important categories: the gameplay, multiplayer, sound effects, first-rate environment, and well-modeled tanks.You will adore the graphics in T-34 vs. Tiger. The game is probably a couple years behind Far Cry 2 or Crysis but this is the best looking tanksim yet; and since you depend on vision to play the game, graphics do count. The tanks are minutely textured, they discharge diesel fumes under a load. The forests, villages, and landscapes provide a rich and compelling environment. One of the biggest gameplay factors in a tanksim is using cover, and consequently, trying to see what's behind cover. We played it like a madman for seven days and just scratched the surface of all this game has to offer. T-34 vs. Tiger is poised to be a breakthrough title.



Blitzkrieg is the fine art of strategy: instead of blind hits with a huge club, you dissect the enemy with a thin blade of a sword! Halt the enemy's position with strategic tank and air assaults. This will keep your relentless offensive rolling. Prove your tactical skills in historical battles of World War II all around the globe. You command German, Soviet or allied troops, which will gain experience and fight more effectively over the course of the war. As you progress, you will obtain access to the latest technology of warfare.


Features :

Historically accurate battles of WW II in Africa, Russia and Europe.

3 exciting campaigns with 21 challenging missions.

More than 200 types of vehicles and machinery.

More than 40 kinds of infantry on every side.

More than 250 types of buildings and objects.

All landscape units are destructible.

Numerous videos from WW II provide an immerse atmosphere.

Multiplayer game via lan or internet.

Ability to build bridges, dig trenches, drive jeeps, lay mines and call for air support.

Generate missions, maps, textures as well as models and add sounds.

Internet ranking system with Gamespy Arcade.



Why is everybody having so much fun with this game and you're not!!

Destined to set a new standard in online wargames. In Battlefield 1942, you will experience the heat of battle as you heroically storm the beaches of Normandy, drive a tank across the deserts of northern Africa, pilot a fighter plane during the Battle of Midway, command a battleship at Guadalcanal, or parachute and commandeer a jeep in operation Market Garden.


It is the only first person, team-based action game that places you in the midst of a raging WWII battle with 35 "machines of war" for you to control. You’ll arm yourself with the sidearm of your choice and get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, ships and aircraft to fight the war on land, sea, and air during some of the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War.

Features :

Charge across the desert, through island jungles, and French villages in German, American, and Japanese tanks.
Machines of War. Pilot a heavy bomber over the drop zone or engage in a dogfight in a swift fighter. Fire the guns of a mighty battleship or prowl the sea-lanes in a silent submarine. Or transport troops into the heat of battle in an armored APC.
Battle Online. Go online with up to 64 players to take part in a raging battle that requires teamwork and cooperation from each member in order to achieve victory.
Choose Your Side. Enter the war as a soldier in one of five different armies - US, German, British, Russian, or Japanese.
Specialized Character Kits. Enter the battle as one of five specialized character classes - assault, medic, sniper, anti-tank, engineer - each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
Arm Yourself for Action! Choose from 19 authentic WWII handheld weapons to take into battle, including 2 stationary machine guns.
A Global Conflict. Wage war across 16 huge, highly detailed maps from 4 WWII theaters - North Africa, South Asia Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.
Unlimited Action. 3 multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Conquest -- as well as a robust single player experience.


We have all of the Battlefield Family of war games






Panzer Elite is poised to take the high ground as one of the most realistic tactical armored war games yet seen for PC. With highly accurate tank models, incredibly detailed 3D landscapes, and historically realistic action, Panzer Elite puts you in command of tank platoons for either American or German forces between 1942 and 1944.

80 missions covering Normandy, Sicily, Italy and North Africa.

All upgrades and patches.

Free bonus CD containing the wonderful work of the PE mod community.

Woods are made of individual trees and bushes. The maps are topographically correct and feature bumps, hills, bridges, roads, and different terrain that effect movement and performance.

22 different tanks - German tanks include the Panzer IIIH, Panzer IIIN, Panzer IVE, Panzer IVF2, Panzer IVH, Panther D, Panther A, Panther G, and early and late model Tigers. American tanks include the M4 Sherman, M4A1 Sherman, M4A3 Sherman, M4A3 (76)w Sherman, M4A3E2 (late) Sherman, M4A1 (76)w Sherman, M4A3E8 Sherman and the M10.

Adjustable realism settings accommodates the distinct needs of novice and hard core players with scaleable realism settings that allow difficulty to be adjusted.

Multiplayer Gameplay: Ten players over the Internet.

100 new tanks, winter and night battles, the British forces, Italians, all tools on the CD along with all original project files, and much, much more.

"It is both fun and challenging in the right proportions. It simply crunches everything else beneath its treads."  -- TankSim.com






Get ready to RUMBLE!   STEEL BEASTS!    

Steel Beasts is a modern warfare tanksim and features two of the most potent tanks in the world, the US M1A1 Abrams and the German Leopard 2A4. Modeled with unprecedented accuracy, "Steel Beasts has a level of detail that is unlike any other tanksim; it shows in the accuracy of it's weapon's models, and in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of all units in the game.

"There's realism built into Steel Beasts that many previous tanksims never approached.  SB is stout with the stuff." - Jack Black, Tanksim.com

"Steel Beasts is armed to the teeth with force and effect!"
--Cosmo, Tanksim.com


  Battle Pak 3 pack: Steel Beast, WWII Online Blitzkrieg, Sudden Strike

Generally considered the best tanksim ever!
"Let's get it over with right up front....Steel Beasts is
 the best modern tank simulator in a long time, and probably ever. "

John Sponauer,





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Armed Forces Collection
  Includes 4 Complete Games!

Tanksim: Armored Fist 3

Over 50 missions in 4 campaigns set around the world

Work the controls as Commander, Driver and Gunner

Call in air support, artillery strikes and command a tank platoon

Demolish buildings and vehicles underneath your treads

Challenge other commanders in 4 multiplayer modes


Helosim: Comanche 4

6 extreme campaigns over urban, forest, arctic, desert and sea terrains

Quickly master flying and fighting using mouse & keyboard or joystick controls

Blast away at tanks, jets, missile-launching troops and more

Shoot missiles, rockets and the 20mm cannon

Detailed environments with rotor wash, shadows and spectacular explosions


Delta Force 2

Over 40 missions in vast outdoor locations

Execute day and night operations in fog, rain and snow

Use tall grass, water and rolling terrain for cover

Take aim with over 20 weapons, including sniper rifles, grenades and assault rifles

F-16 Multirole Fighter

Over 45 single player missions

Authentic Lockheed Martin approved flight model

Rule the skies from an interactive, accurately reproduced 3D virtual cockpit

Activate the Lantirn night vision system for key missions and precision bombing



There's an edge to this sim.  The second in a series of noteworthy tanksims by NovaLogic thrusts you right in the action and doesn't let up. Featuring the fabled M1A2 battle tank, Armored Fist 2 goes to great lengths to get it right. With T-80s, Apaches, Hinds, BMPs, and tons more, this one rocks! Though not the ultimate in realism, Armored Fist 2 is fun and feisty.

The final sim in the series. Over 50 gripping, innovative missions -- destroy a terrorist compound, rescue an allied tank platoon, defend your base from enemy attack and recover captured prisoners of war. Devastate hordes of advanced AI infantry with your turret mounted M2 50 Caliber machine-gun or simply run em' over with your 70 tons of rolling steel.


  Armored Fist (DOS)
The Grandaddy of Tanksims

Panzer Campaigns 4: Tobruk '41Panzer Campaigns








Roar onto the battlefields of Europe, North Africa, and Russia. Six WWII campaigns,  over 24 tanks modeled including the Panther, T-34, and Churchill. Scenario editor and multiplay included. Play selected missions or participate in one of 6 campaigns, each a series of linked missions. Your success will determine the course of the entire campaign! Play on either side—Axis or Allied—and select from some of the most powerful machines of WWII! If you are successful, you will be given command of an entire tank platoon, which you can deploy in different formations!

"Panzer Commander is a hull-down winner!" - TankSim.com



          M1 TANK PLATOON 2

From the creators of the award-winning classic M1 Tank Platoon comes the most realistic modern ground warfare simulation anywhere in the world. Everything here is hyper-real: the thermal view, the trees, the 70 vehicles and even the helicopters that intelligently hide behind hills. It's as close as you can get without being classified.  

Five Campaign Theaters: Gulf War II, North Africa, Russian Far East, the Balkans and Central Europe.

Realistic Graphics: Detailed texture-mapped terrain and objects, animated vehicles, craters, trees and forests.

Realistic Vehicles: Authentic models for 70 ground and air vehicles including their weapons systems.

Multiplayer Gameplay: Single Battles with four players commanding four M1 tanks within one common platoon and one player commanding all enemy forces.




Probably the MOST overlooked and underrated tanksim available. Features single missions, campaigns, scenario editor, and free Internet play for endless combat. Hear the turbine whine, the turret groan, and the sabots crash. Realistic and challenging! Climb in the M1A2 Abrams and slug it out in the desert with upgraded Russian T-72s. The design team worked with SIMNET, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Army and General Dynamics Land Systems in their quest for realism. 




This simulation of America's main battle tank has it all - the power, weaponry and ammo of the real Abrams, plus multiple difficulty levels, and multiplayer support - produced and designed with the veterans who brought you M1 Tank Platoon, 'Wild Bill' Stealey and Arnold Hendrick. Command a platoon of four tanks or an entire company with other vehicles, artillery, and helicopters, from a variety of external views and a multi-zoom map view. Blast your way through battles and campaigns from Middle Eastern deserts to the Ukrainian steppes and the Balkan mountains. 

   No longer available 



Embark on dozens of missions around the world, from broiling deserts and frigid arctic tundra to crowded cities and dense jungles. Difficulty levels increase as you progress through the game. Includes tanks, Gazelle and Apache helicopters, A-10 Warthogs - even submarines.

No longer available 


iPanzer '44is designed for novice and experienced players alike. Command American, Russian or German tanks in the great battles of 1944. Control a single platoon of 3-5 tanks or a larger force complete with support vehicles, infantry, artillery, and even air support.






Smolensk '41: Death, Desperation, etc.Panzer Campaigns: Smolensk '41  

Smolensk '41 covers Army Group Center's offensive in the summer of 1941 to seize the crucial city of Smolensk, the historic gateway to Moscow.

smolensk3.jpg (92434 bytes)
HPS: Bulge '44Panzer Campaigns: Bulge '44


NEW! Bulge '44 is an operational level World War II simulation. Bulge '44 covers the classic German final offensives, Operations Wacht am Rhein ("Watch on the Rhein") andHerbstnebel ("Autumn Fog") in the West in the attempt to drive a wedge between the Allied Armies and push on to Antwerp.


Weapons Detail from Bulge '44

System Requirements : Pentium-based 133mhz+ PC with 32 megabytes of RAM - 250 megabytes of hard drive space - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 operating system - CDROM drive for installation and game play - Windows compatible sound card



BCT: Brigade Combat Team


Shrapnel Games announced today that they will be publishing a Limited Edition of BCT: Brigade Combat Team, BCT Commander. BCT Commander will include the original BCT, all Expansion Packs, and the Construction Set, plus many new features and 12 new missions.

Features : Contains 12 new scenarios, never seen in any other expansion pack. Includes the BCT JRTC Special Edition. Contains new versions of both BCT and the Construction Set, including color maps at every zoom level. Also included are Expansion Pack #1 and Expansion Pack #2. The installer package for BCT Commander installs the game with all of the add-ons and does it all in one, integrated package. This software product contains an updated user guide, both printed and in electronic format. It also contains a ton of web help content.
System Requirements : Pentium 133 Mhz w/16 MB RAM running Win95 / 98 or Win NT 4.0, DirectX 6+, Mouse, 30 MB HDD space (10.8 MB for expansion disk), Direct Sound compatible sound card,


Close Combat 4 Battle of the Bulge  WAR, HOT AND DIRTY!

Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles DOS IBM CD ROM

Steel Panthers 3: Brigade Command 1939-99 DOS IBM CD ROM

Panzer General 3D Assault W95/98

Close Combat 3: The Russian Front W95/98 IBM CD ROM  





Our goal is to help you get the games you want. Tanksims often sell out and the producers move on to other projects, thus making getting you behind the driver's port can be a challenge. If you don't see a tanksim here you want, let us know. --Store manager