Putin Says Some Russian Arms Prototypes Years Ahead of Foreign Competition

MOSCOW, Jul 12, 2000 -- (BBC Monitoring) Many prototypes of armaments on display at the UralsExpoArms 2000 exhibition are years ahead of the foreign competition, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message welcoming those participating in the arms show in the Urals.

The show included demonstration flights by the Mi-24 helicopter and the MiG-29 fighter equipped with high-precision weapons. T-80 and T-90S tanks and Tyulpan and Giatsint self-propelled mortars were also displayed.

A tank support combat vehicle [the Russian abbreviation is BMPT, standing for boyevaya mashina podderzhki tankov] is on display for the first time. It is intended for protection against fire coming from grenade launchers. The vehicle is equipped with three grenade launchers, a 30-millimetre cannon, antitank guided missiles and a hull machine gun. All these weapons comprise a single attack system. Targets are detected with the help of thermal imaging and optical sighting devices. Locking onto a target can be done manually or automatically.

According to Russian Defense Ministry experts, the tank support combat vehicle will have no competition within the next decade.

Source: ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0809 GMT 12 Jul 00


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