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March 12, 2006

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By Marcel “Skybird“ Hoell

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You want parting shots from me? Haven’t I already hit all the markings? eSim delivers a superior simulation here. In some minor parts it may not be finished yet but what already is there, works perfectly, reliably, superbly. From my novice’s impressions I must assume I only rarely have experienced a military sim that is closer to reality in terms of realism and immersion. Only the heavily modded incarnations of Falcon4 come to my mind and to some degree Sub Command/Dangerous Waters, which all have to fight with bigger technical issues and malfunctioning details than SBP. If you are exclusively navy-oriented then the few rivers and lakes in SBP probably will not please you. If you have an exclusive fetish in flying, you better stay away. But if you have even a small general interest in military sims that feature both cockpit and strategy/tactic aspects and are leading beyond pure Navy and Airforce stuff, then you definitely should consider SBP to be a must-have. I am sure that it will breathe new life into the tanksim genre. I am also sure that future competitors of the next years will not even come close to this masterpiece. This is the most convincing software release that I bought during the last couple of years. Mission accomplished, eSim, and Skybird happily awards you a virtual congressional medal! With future add-ons adding new features it all can just become even better.

And now let the beasts rule, for it is the time of the beasts!

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System Requirements (Recommended specs are in parentheses.): 1.5 (2.5) GHz CPU; 256 (512) MB RAM; 64 (128) MB, DirectX9-Capable Graphics Accelerator (GeForce 3 class or better); 1.6 GB available hard disk space; Free USB port; Mouse; CD-ROM; Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP with Service Pack 2 installed. (Steel Beasts will NOT run on Windows NT.); Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 (or better) installed; For better playing experience, a sound card and joystick are recommended.

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